Lansing Avenue Baptist Church
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Vacation Bible School 2017
Your help is needed!

  • Promotion- Pass out flyers to neighors, post at businesses.
    Flyers available at church
  • Staff- Volunteer for classroom teachers and helpers
  • Decorations- Decorate, paint stage backdrop & signs
    Lend "Old West" or "Cowboy" props
  • Fun Time Store- Donate dollar toys, games
  • Snacks- Sign up at church

    Lunch & dinner for VBT Team:
  • Items for sandwiches, snacks, beverage & dessert
        Sign up at church. Questions? Contact Mary Knaggs.

    Grand Prize:
  • Donate money. Goal- $100.00
        Questions? Contact Pastor Steve at church.

Lansing Avenue Baptist Church | 517-783-3676